Model Stitching for HATS

In this space I want to share all the stunning designs I have stitched for Hands Across The Sea Samplers.... There is a link direct to them in the side bar to the right on my blog :)

I am really enjoying this stitching journey I am on right now.... I feel honoured to be able to stitch such beautiful designs.

1. Louisa Coulimore, a stunning Bristol orphanage red sampler.

2. Miss Mary Lea, a rather large beautiful sampler with plenty to see, I especially like the little cute animals.

3. Mary Brown 1765, a beautiful design with such lovely colours.

4. Eliza Skelton 1820, this is a really unusual sampler I really enjoyed stitching.

5. In progress!!


  1. Yu do such beautiful work Jacquie, they both look amazing.

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