Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Hello.... sorry its a long post :(

Thought I would just pop in to say I will not be around tomorrow... (Thursday)

See something rather exciting is happening, just for one day.  I am leaving my home at 5.15 am .. I know early!!  I dont know how I am going to feel as I may not get much sleep tonight!  Excitement I guess!

Do you want to know where I am going for the day... and it will be a rather long day too as I am not back until the early hours of the next day! eeekkk

Han will take some photo's and I will share them with you when I get back.

We are off to the Bruge Christmas market :)

I miss being abroad, well I miss Germany really.  I have spent a lot of my life, childhood and adult life living in Germany.  To me its home... 

Yes I am British, but England I feel is not home, I dont really know it all. ha ha I need a SAT NAV to go anywhere! 

I have grown up with German Christmas markets and oh they are wonderful.. the smells the atmosphere and just the feel of it all.. pretty awesome!  And well as a treat my parents decided to take Han and I, not Jon as he cannot stand the travelling.. we are going by coach ... oooh Gluhwein!! eeek!!  Yes oppps side tracked!  Hmm yes we are going by coach, Jon will have everything he needs at an arms length and has assured us that he will be fine.  It will be the fist time I would of left him for so long... but he has told us to have fun, naturally I will bring him something back :)  I do feel a little awkward going without him.. but he realistically cannot come.  To be honest I dont know how Han is going to cope yet?  We are taking my mums lightweight wheelchair with us... so if Han needs a break she can go in that.... tag team with my mum! haha a see she also has a back problem.

Its one day.... everything will be fine.

My parents booked it, like I say by coach and this is so new to me as I usually drive everywhere!  Means if I wish to I can participate in the drinking of Gluhwein! mmmm I think for English people its known as mulled wine.... I love it.  Its just so warming when your cold and the thing to drink to keep you warm whilst walking around the market.  Oooh my I have not had any alcohol for years... I will have to watch myself!

If you have been to a 'real' German market you will understand what I am talking about... I know we are not going to a German one this time.. its Bruges.. .. near enough!

I am so very excited... can you tell!? ha h a

Some other news to tell you all about...

Yes firstly sorry for the lack of photo's in this post :( 

As a lot of you know I originally started blogging to help with my weightloss... to keep me on track.

hmmm yes well... I was doing so so good, lost a heap of weight, just over 4 stone and loved the BBC filming Han and I for 1 year.

If you have not seen it...

I tried and tried and was doing really well... then I became ill.  I suffered really bad with the arthritis in my left knee.  To a point where I was in so much pain I have been hospitalized and cannot walk on it.  To this day I still have a lot of pain in my knee.. it stops me from doing a lot of things... I have to stop if I am walking.  Then there is my anemia and protein deficiency ... struggling for what seems months and months now with no energy to do anything.  Yes I am now waiting for iron injections, but still have not had them.

I feel its a really steep hill I am on and it never gets any easier... so anyway I have been asking the doctor for help for years now.  And luckily have been referred to a program now where I will be supported in every way.

I had the dietitian visit me in my home Monday.. a really lovely lady that is very understanding.  Over all the years with my struggle with weight I have never seen a dietitian ..  but its out of necessity now as I need help managing what I eat to eat the right foods.

Over the years my taste has changed... I used to have a really sweet tooth, I would literally rather eat cake and sweets all day than real meals and food.  Those days are gone!  I re-trained myself when I was being filmed with the BBC to not eat sweet things, and to try to eat a low carb food intake... it worked!  Oh but I exercised too... this is key for me.

So I am being monitored for protein and iron intake.. as well as eating healthily and sensibly.  I have been  told that it could take up to 6 months to replenish my protein levels, back to a 'normal' state.. and a fair few months to sort my anemia out too... a long road.  I am also going to look at all the information available to consider having a gastric band operation.  I know... this totally goes against everything I believe in.. but how many times do I have to lose 3-4 stone and then put it back on again?  I cannot cope with life the way I am... its a struggle.  Being carer for Jon and Han and trying to look after myself too... its hard.  I have really really tried all my life to lose weight and keep it off... its hard but I cannot do it.  How many more years am I going to torture myself for?  So this is why I am going to 'look' at it... I mean the whole operation thing scares me no end.. not even sure if I would go through with it?

So the dietitian and the services they can offer me are really good... it really annoys me as to why I have previously not been put on this? hmmm Any way.. I can attend classes on how to manage my food and gentle exercise to suit me... other classes to, I am being sent a list.. I will go to them all!!

The one thing that I want to feel... that is accepted.. I dont the size I am .. never have done.  Do you know what I mean?  In restaurants.. the chairs.... sitting on public transport... sitting on 'normal' chairs.. I dont like people close to me any way so its even harder being larger.  I dont think people actually realize how hard it is everyday unless they have been 'large' them selves.

Oh am I rambling?  I guess I need to chat!? lol

Maybe I have wrote enough?

Well I guess 2015 is going to be a 'new' start in many ways for me...

So until Friday... happy stitching to you all...

Smiles and happiness to you all :)

Oooh I may take a little stitching project with me, I may get bored on the coach?  

Promise the next up date will have photos and stitching!

I have been stitching...... oooh and lots more to tell you...

Hello all my wonderful happy stitching/crafting/sewing and blogging friends... oh and hello to the ones that just drop in too :)

I am feeling all fuzzy warm inside as oooh its not long till Christmas!! eeeekkk!!

But oh I am going on a special day out.. this Thursday.. more on that tomorrow! Exciting!!!

Ok... so I know erm... some may have just seen this what I have been stitching as I have just shared it on Facebook!  I love to stitch as you all know.. 

Yesterday I felt quite inspired to stitch a design just from a piece of ribbon I found in my home!  See I am easily side tracked!

Here is the journey I took.. 
Yes start to finish as I have completed it too!

The ribbon and colours...

I stitched it on 14 count Aida grey/blue colour with DMC threads.  The design is from my digital copy of 2013 Christmas Special issue of Just Cross Stitch.  The design is a Country Cottage Needleworks Design called "Snow Birds".

I love it!!! And really loved stitching it too :)  Ooooh yes I believe I did see it on Justines Blog whilst hopping about on the Advent blog hop.. Oh yes go see Justines one, its rather special with feathers :)

Oooh GOSH!! I have something TOTALLY amazing to share with you all...

I am once again speechless, ha ha I know!  Well I am!  At the generosity and kind friendship of you all... but today of one special lady, I do hope she does not mind me mentioning this..

Well do you all recall a little while ago, I showed you this amazing design I found whilst looking through some of my old magazines.  Its so perfect it, its just me!  I showed you all and thought really nothing more of it as I knew one day I would get around to it...ha ha as we all do!  Yes it went on the to-do pile!

Here is the design if you need a little reminder...

Its wonderful is'nt it!  I love it :)

Well I was contacted  by a lovely stitching friend, who very kindly offered to buy me the threads I would need to stitch it.  I am blown away by this, and thought at first they were joking!  This lovely person is Mary Ann... from Just Stitching Blog.

The package arrived today ...

I was blow away by the wonderful colours.. the magazine does not do the ccolours justice..look...

And Oooh another first for me... specialty threads.. how very exciting!  I rarely get to use anything other than DMC or Anchor.. oh and the odd glitter thread (hmmm)  but oh these look really exciting to use :)  Can hardly wait!!!

Thank You so much Mary, you are very kind... and I do hope you follow my stitching journey when I start it :)

I was thinking of starting this as part of the new year long SAL Jo from Serendiptitous Stitching is organizing.  I am OH so very excited about a few things really!! 

Hmmm and whilst on the subject of Jo.. naughty Jo!! ha h ah a.  I received another package in the post .. yes from the lovely Jo.... how very naughty of you.  

I am humbled and grateful for all the wonderful friendships I now have since starting to blog.. this whole 'stitching' community is AWESOME!  Your all so very happy and friendly, I like to think I fit right in!? hee hee

Any way.. Jo very kindly sent me a package... now I was in two minds whether to open it or not, but after a little chat via email I decided to as Jo said to ask Jon (the other half!)  and well he was as curious as me!! ha ah ahaa

here is the package...
And Jo said it was not really a Christmas gift, so I could open it!  

Love the paper.... 

Oh must show you all the card... its adorable, made by Jo's son I believe...



Adorable like I say!! :)

Ooohh I am once again BLOWN away... yes I opened it!! It has a really awesome halloween design inside...

I love it!!! Oh my its really lovely and how wonderful that Jo gifted it to me :)  

Want to see where I have put it...

Next to my sheep design :)... for now until I locate a better viewing point.

I really do love it.. Thank You so much Jo, and Thank You for your kind friendship too.

One last thing to share with you all is Han's friend... Darwin.. his Christmas tree.  Han knows Darwin from when she attended college and they have kept in touch.

She did a bit of 'catching up' and spent the day with him at his house.  Whilst there Han took some photo's and thought I would share them as their tree is lovely.

Han and Darwin...

You can just see the tree!!

Its a real tree.... just lovely :)

Some decorations.. oh I love them..

Oooh well I think I have bored you all enough now!! 

Lovely to see you all pop in, Thank You :)

Smiles and happiness to you all :)


Sunday, 14 December 2014

With added buttons!

WOW !!
and WOW!!

Thank You all so  so much for commenting on my last post :)  I was really quite overwhelmed at the amount of people that took time to comment... thank you :)

So after reading all your comments it appears I am to add buttons!! ha ha a Not just any buttons.. my own hand made ones! 

I should say that making this Christmas Robin wall hanging has left me quite emotional... oh for good happy reasons!  See It is actually the largest project I have ever attempted... and all made up by me...with no instructions to follow!  Sure I followed the design to stitch the robins but the actual wall hanging was a totally new experience for me and I just went with it!  Yup... made it up as I went along!

So this is why I am pretty proud of myself! :)

I guess I should show you all the buttons now!!

I should add, there are a few erm.. creases in it as I was so excited that I had done it I just put it on the wall and took the photo's! 

Side view...

I wanted to show you all this photo of the side as I am REALLY proud of the straightness and neatness of my lines :)

Close up of other corner...

Close up of all of it..

My Christmas Robin Wall Hanging...

I do hope you like it :)  
Sorry my photo is a little blurry.. I was too busy jumping about the room!

I have been blog hopping and seen something called free motion stitching... this interests me a lot.  And I love the freedom of it.  I would like to try it... I think? Not sure yet on this design.. but I like how it looks so maybe at a later stage when I am more confident?

I love the whole 'quilt' thing..... I so need to learn how to make them.  I think I may try a small one.. and I have the perfect bits to make it with.  All those adorable Round Robin sheep that have been sent to me :)  

And hmmmm I think to quilt properly you need an essential item... a table!! ha ah yes a table... well we dont have one!  Its true... where I currently live there is no space for one.  So I think it may be fine to make a 'little' quilt.. and the larger type may have to wait. 

I have something really lovely I wish to share with you all... it actually made me cry as its the nicest thing someone has done for me... I do hope the person who sent it to me does not mind me showing you all...

I received an e-card... 
Now I had not heard of these... 


I opened the message and it was a purple screen, then it said pick your flowers.. I clicked on the flowers which were all in the middle square but not in the oval bit...they gradually moved to the oval ... and arranged themselves into a lovely bouquet.. then 2 birds came and tied a bow...

It was just oh so very lovely..

And yes as you can see.. it was from my dear sweet stitching friend Kim... from Wisdom with Needle and Thread.  Thank You dearest Kim for cheering me up during my illness.  

Oooh I have to show you all the card I made my parents this year..

Its a 'me' design... I created it and made it!  And it was a lot of fun too :)  Oooh I designed something!! EEEEEeeeekkk!!!!

Here it is...

I love working with felt, I just had a idea to make a tree and went with it..

Before stitching...

Do you like the glittery red felt?  My mum found this on her travels around some local charity shops.  ha ha and its quite funny I made her a Christmas card with it!

After stitching...

Yes I added some little golden beads too...

And then made into a card...

A basic but pretty little thing I created .. do you think?  I hope my parents like it!?

So I should get back to some stitching... you think?!

Oooh as its almost Christmas ... I think I should work on an Easter design! ha ha ah a yes as before we know it, it will be here!  Oh but wait... Valentines is before that... hmmmm ;)

I am secretly ssshhhhh!  working on something for a 'special' friends birthday too.. but that is not until February... but its in the pipe line :)

I am thinking about making a list of all the projects I want to complete and do for next year.. in the hope I get to stitch them!  And for me having some sort of order is a good thing!  ha ha a as I tend to go off on a tangent all the time... it only takes one cute lovely design and I am off! I dont know why but I feel the need to stitch them!?  Do any of you feel like that?  

See side tracked again! ha ha a

Ok,.. if you have any suggestions about anything... please feel free to leave a comment :)

Or just leave a comment :)

Happy smiles to you all :)


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Something rather special....

Hello my wonderful friends :)

I am THRILLED and really proud of myself as I have finished my Robin Christmas design.

I made it into something I have never made before after a brilliant idea given to me :)  Ha ha I thought YES!! I can do this... hmmm well let me tell you I literally have been at it all day!  And seeing as it was my first time ever of making this I am over the moon with it.

Here is my journey...

The finished stitch..

Let the making commence...

Do you like me new gadget?  Its magnetic and sits on the bottom plate... it basically guides me so that I will have straight lines :)

First the red fabric.. but then I had to decide how large I wanted it...

And here it is.. with the outer fabric...

I was thinking of adding some of my own hand made buttons.. as a 'special' touch?  What do you think?

Close up..
I have not sewn them on yet as I wanted to see what you all thought?

Here is the finished design...

Yes its a wall hanging :)

The first one ever I have made!

I had to visit B&Q and Hobbycraft the other day for supplies.. ha ah a the wooden poles and ends!

Looking at it I feel it 'needs' something else...

Ideas welcome :)

I still cannot believe I made this!!! ha ha a really! :)

Please feel free to leave a comment :)

Thank you :)

smiles :)


Friday, 12 December 2014

Oh Christmas Tree...

Hello wonderful friends...

Thought I would show you all firstly my parents Christmas tree then ours..

Every year my mum waits until the 12 December to put up the tree.. why I really dont know.. we are not religious and well I think its more of a habit now!

Over the years my mum has changed the colour of the baubles on the tree... oh you know, red and gold, blue and silver... multi-coloured... even themed ones!  Some sights I may tell you! ha ha ha 

This year .. well I made her a lovely tree decoration, remember this..

A lovely Prairie Schooler santa..

Ha ha my mum thinks its far too nice to put on her tree!! hmmm 

So here is my mums tree this year...

Its well rather large... I think its 8 ft .

Now onto our tree!

Well remember recently I showed you all the outside photo..

It does look rather large! lol

Well not sure if you all know but where we currently live is tiny!  Literally tiny.. and we could no way get a tree in, not in any shape or form... unfortunately.

So this year whilst in Ikea... yes Ikea!! Han and I saw the perfect solution!

Its a fabric tree!! ha ah ah

Its hung in our living room..

We are still deciding whether or not to hang lights or 'things' on it?  Maybe some light things?

It just looks so life like and its really good as now we dont feel so left out!  And yes a little festive :)

Funny I think .... I mean we are not doing anything traditional this year!

I dislike Christmas food... I dont eat meat so turkey is out!  And well its just a load of veg on a plate then!  So nothing special!  The desert... well I dislike Christmas cake, pudding and mince pies.  Its that dried fruit, I just dont like it.  So Christmas food is out!! ha ah a

We like to do things slightly different in our family... this year as other years we are all going out for Christmas eve dinner.  And as it happens Christmas eve is mine and Jon's anniversary.. we married in 2009 so  years now... lovely :)  As for the dinner we are all having... this year its a trip to an Indian restaurant... last year it was Chinese.. and we have done Mexican too! 

What ever you are and what ever you are all doing.. I wish you all a very merry Christmas :)

Thought I had better say it now in case I dont get a chance!

Now back to my stitching! :)

Smiles :)