Friday, 22 May 2015

Lovely time stitching....

Hello friends...

Not sure if your all aware but Lizzie Kate ran a competition recently for people to suggest 3 words... Ha ha no I did not win! Ha ha I bring this all to your attention as the 3 words have been made into a freebie chart.... And it's wonderful.  As soon as it was released yesterday I started stitching!! 

And what good timing as I was looking to start something else!! The freebie chart is available on Lizzie Kate FaceBook page and her blog... Knowing how useless I am at putting links in on my iPad I appologise now!  

Here is what I have been up to...

First I chose the colours...

I wanted bright and happy colours...

Then to the stitching...

The design does have a little more but I chose to leave it out... I like it like this :)

I chose to stitch it on 16 count cream Aida.... Just for a change!  And I am not sure what I will do with it at the moment, I still cannot get to my sewing machine.  

Oooh yes talking of my sewing area, my lovely swivel chair is now in han's room as I no longer can sit on it... It's just too low for my knee.  So now I have a huge space where my chair goes... Hmmmm we are not sure what to do at the moment.  My parents said they would look out for a chair that is more suitable for me to use... So rather exciting :)

A little update on me.... Ha ha I am no better, rather worse actually!  I am so very fed up of feeling and being ill it's no joke now.  Does someone have a magic wand?? Anyone???

Oh and something else.... This weekend here in England is another Bankholiday!  I feel I want to do or go somewhere but what to do when you have no energy and cannot walk! Ha ha what am I like!! Han has itchy feet and wants to go out somewhere... Maybe I will take her on a mystery drive! 

Look at me... Another update!! Hee hee

Ok so I am going now, until I next pop in :)

Smiles :)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Oooooh I finished it....

Hello wonderful friends....

I had planned to pop in and leave a message with an up date yesterday, but I felt so very ill yesterday.... I knew you all would not mind waiting another day.

My stomach issue continues with no sight of the end.... I spoke with my doctor today and she has changed my anti sickness tablets, so I hope they help?  I have to go and get weighed and blood pressure checked...  It's evident I am losing weight, duh!! I think they just want to keep an eye on how much!! Food really is my enemy right now.  Every time I ate yesterday I was ill within half an hour... I am so fed up as I so want to eat normally again.  But on a good point the more weight I am loosing the better it is for my knee!! Yes I am still hobbling/limping around my home... Oooooh yes! The community physiotherapist actually came out to see me today!! I was in a little shock to say the least!  Well apparently I am doing alright! Ha ha regarding my knee!  At least I am not bed bound...hmmmm yes but I would like to walk.. And I got a little emotional when the physio said it could take years to get my leg back to what it was, that's if it does.  I am going to do everything within my power to help myself... I am being referred to the hydrotherapy pool within the hospital... I can use that facility for 12 weeks so it will be a big help when that comes through.  I want my health back so no giving up here!  It means I just have to function slower than most people! 

Enough of me... Through all my health concerns and now back blogging, taking things slow and one day at a time.  I hope to feel better each day...or every other day!

Ok.... So what have I been doing .... For me that is?? Oh yes I have been stitching!! 

I am pleased to say I have finished the Country Cottage Kids design called Little Miss Muffet from Country Cottage Needleworks.  I stitched it on 28 count Cashel opalescent and the colour was called glistening heather.  I think it was just the stitching project I needed to get back to stitching...and now to some photos...

My stitching journey...

I hope you like my finished stitching.... I tried to show the wonderful fabric but the photos really don't show it that well.  It really was a fun stitch to do...

And now for the past 2 hours I have been trying to decide what to stitch next!  Silly right?!  Hmmm decisions!!  So you will all have to wait until I post next to find out what I am stitching!

OMG!! I want to take this opportunity to say a big massive thank you to all of you wonderful people out there that sent me cards and gifts throughout my illness, in and out of hospital.  You are all so very very kind, as presently all my stitching things are all over the house I don't know how long it is going to be before I thank you all individually.... Until then...THANK YOU xx

It was my plan this year.... To do many many good things... It's all been put on hold :(  I do plan to do some wonderful things, but I just do not have the strength at the moment... So good dear friends, I ask that you are patient with me.  One day at a time :)

Thank you all for popping in and seeing what I have been up to... It's you and your comments that keep me going, so thank you!

Smiles :)

Monday, 18 May 2015

Me happy? ....

Well I am trying to be!! 

Hello wonderful friends, it's really lovely to be here, I mean that.... Having not been here for so long, now to be popping in more and more as I am is brilliant :)

I did want to get into stitching my fantastic HAED, William Morris design called The Strawberry Thief... But my concentration levels are not back to what I really need yet.  I keep going back to it though... I so love the design.  Ha ha I may just surprise you all one day and give you an up date!  

I am stitching...this is a really good thing for many reasons... It's helping me think about other things!! Ha ha ha. Yes and by me saying that it's true I am not back to old self yet.  I still have a lingering stomach problem, that is really not letting me get any better.  My doctor has given me permission to eat literally anything!  Ha ha seriously!  Now this is a total shocker for me as many of you know I do try and take the heLthier option and eat healthy.  The doctor also told me to eat chocolate!! I am deadly serious my doctor did.  The reasoning behind this is because I am having problems eating anything... I want so much to eat properly and normally but unfortunately I still cannot hold a lot in my stomach.  No one is sure why at the moment, my whole stomach is very tender to touch too... I fear more tests from the doctor :( Little and often and what ever I like!! Ha ha well a typical days food at present is... 1 slice of toast with marmite for breakfast... Then possibly between 2-3 I feel ok to eat again so try a small roll with cheese or yes or... A small salad, but cannot eat a lot maybe roughly about 6-8 mouthfuls of food.. Then maybe come 6-7 if not later I feel I want to eat again and maybe manage 2 triangles of pizza from a small pizza... I am drinking trying to drink hot water infused with fresh ginger.  We read it's good for you!   Compared to my pre-illness food intake that what I mentioned is nothing, not even a third of what I usually ate!

But enough of me!!  Just want you all to know I am working hard with my doctor to get better... And yes I still have a problem with my knee too!  It still will not straighten... But at least I am in less pain now... Thank you all for your continued support...your all wonderful :) xx

So yes... Like I say stitching has been helping me, I started a lovely little stitch from Country Cottage Needleworks called Country Cottage Kids "Little Miss Muffet".  I wanted to stitch and get back into it for ages now... It's been hard picking up my needle again.. But I stuck with it as I love the benefits of it.  Oh you know seeing the joy it brings me, loving what I create and best of all it takes me to another place... A happy care free place!

I should say I was attracted to this wonderful sparkly fabric in my stash... So had to stitch on it!! The fabric is called Glistening Heather and it's 28 count Cashel Opalescent, just love it!!!

Here is how it started...

And where I am now...

Oooh close up.... With my cute daylight clip on magnifier... Yes helping my tired eyes!

It's a really enjoyable happy stitch... I think the fabric is helping!! Ha ha. Not much left to do.... Oooh then what joy!! To choose something else next!  Best get this one finished first!!

I am still getting out and about.... Not that often though as its a lot of effort.  On Sunday just gone Han and I went swimming!! Ok when I say swimming I don't really mean swimming... Yes we went to our local swimming pool and I went into the water!! But swimming....erm... No!! My knee was having none of that!!  Oh but let me tell you it was wonderful to float about and walk...walk properly!! Yes properly!! Without a limp/hobble thing going on!! The water was brilliant, I stretched my knee and leg and moved about a lot to stretch my back too.  With all that limping/hobbling thing going on it's really hurting my back, so the water was wonderful. Ha ha when I was in it!! Han loved the water too... Did her back the world of good too.  We are glad we went, but let me tell you when I got out the water to get dried and dressed... Too much back pain.. So not sure whether to go again soon or leave it a while until I am a little stronger?  The next day now (Monday) my knee feels fine... The rest of me is in pieces!! Ha ha hence why I am typing this again on my iPad whilst lying in bed!!

I want to thank you all for being so lovely and patient with me... I will eventually come back full time every day up dating again.  But for now it's as and when, I so love blogging and this wonderful community.. I could never give it up, so rest assured I will be back!!

Smiles to you all :) 

Saturday, 16 May 2015

One day at a time...

Hello lovely friends....

I am so so sorry to keep neglecting you, I assure you all its not deliberate.

My health is up and down at the moment, hence the one day at a time!!  I am hanging in there and day by day I do feel (some days!) a little better.

OMG!! I must tell you all about this...

Well you all know I have been bed bound for months and it's only recently that I have been up and about, be it hobbling... It's still up!! When I was bed bound it seems some of my stitching things made it into my bedroom, it was easier for me to see and get what I wanted. Hmmmmm I went to look at my stitching corner yesterday and OMG!! It's a right mess!! This is no understatement... Jon and I were sorting threads that were all over the place yesterday!  For hours I might add!! Jon is such a darling to help me :). It's from things I finished stitching and the threads never went back in the box!  

Gosh yes!! I have a really big pile of finished things too!  I am not quite ready to get the sewing machine  out so the pile will have to sit there for now! :(

Today is quite an adventure as jon and I are going to tackle our bedroom!! This is a really positive thing for me to do, as its saying I no longer want to sit in bed!! So all my stitching things will be brought back to the living room no put somewhere in my stitching corner.  Hmmmmm the stitching corner needs an overhaul too!! But that will have to wait for another day!!  At least all my stitching things will be back in one place!

As of yet no photo's but as I find things I may take a few!! 

Oh yes I would like to share a photo of Mays Halloween ornie, may is pumpkins.... And let me tell you I have been working on and off on this for weeks!! Little bit here little bit there.. I am so hoping to get it finished in May!!

It's a sweet design I found called "Potted Jacks n Crows" from Primitive Betty's blog.... Here....

A little more I have done... But still a lot to do...

So please don't think I have deserted you all... Far from it.  I want nothing better than my life to return to how it was.. At present all I am thinking about is getting better and staying out of hospital!!

For all of those who very kindly wished my daughter a happy birthday...thank you :). She did have a lovely day...we went out to lunch... She has put a post up of where we went if you would like to take a look.  I did notice when she was on my blog that she added the link to her blog... You cannot miss it!!! It's at the top of the right hand border!! Ha ha. And I think today she will be putting a post up too of all the lovely things she got for her birthday too... Watch out for that one... Some love,y gifts and I think that she is very lucky!!  :). If you have not visted han's blog go take a peek.... It's nothing.. Nothing!! Like mine!! Ha ha a Han loves to draw and doodle, I will try to encourage her to post some of her doodles... I love them, I often think they would make great fabrics!  How cool would that be!!

Ok.... So enough waffle!! Hee hee

Post again soon.... Don't worry I will be back!

Smiles :)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Who's the birthday girl....

YES!!! OMG!!!
It's been a long time coming .... But I have had a daily count down for months now from Han!! Yes indeed it's Han's birthday today! She is 20 today!!!! Eeeek!!! 

Now if I had of been more organized I would of shared a lot of photos with you all... You know the cute baby ones! Ha ha ha.  But as it goes I only had time to grab a few recent ones... Well few years old I think!  So here,.... Because I can!! Are some photo's of Han..

Ha ha !! And just because she likes Hello Kitty....

Have a wonderful birthday Hannah.... I know you will see this!! Ha ha 
And oooooh the big one next year!! 

Lots and lots of smiles :) xxxx