Saturday, 24 January 2015

It's Hannah again!

Hello all!

Unfortunately I, Han, will be taking over mums blog for the foreseeable future, as she has gone back into hospital due to her knee being too much for us to handle at home.

She went into A&E on Wednesday early hours and they've kept her in but are not too sure the best way to treat her, the Dr's are just providing her with constant pain relief and ribena.

Like last time I'm sure you all would like to know what's going on seen as she posts everything about her life anyway haha!
I will keep the blog updated if there is any news and thank you so much in advance for well wishes :)

Just as good as a guest spot I suppose lol

Thanks again

Han :) xo

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stitching, stitching, stitching....

Yes!! Stitching is what I am doing!!

Hello everyone, I am happy and merry today.. Ha ha no idea as to why, just am!! Ha ha not high on medication as I stopped taking it as it was doing nothing.  I guess it's because I am enjoying stitching...

Yes it's taking my mind off things... I guess I am trying to ignore the pain in my leg! Ha ha well I can if I don't move it! 

So I should show you all what I have been doing....

Still stitching my "Sampler Game Board" by The Drawn Thread.

Here is where I am... Rather was!!! 

I stitched the house with the tree this morning... Then OMG!! I noticed an error!! I had stitched the crown in the wrong yellow!  So I unpicked it!!

Here it is in the right colour!!  It's a much more golden colour.

You can see what I have stitched now...

The line with the cherry.... Not the cherry but the house, lamb... The line with the crown... The houses either side... The line under with the flower, bird and house... That is basically what I have done in 2 days.  It's very time consuming due to all the colour changing... But I love the fact that each little square is one design.

I am really really enjoying this again, I cannot believe actually how much I am.... So pleased I decided to stitch it again.  And I will stitch it until it's finished as I would like to pass the chart on to a dear friend who has always wanted to stitch this... Just hope she can wait! 

A bit of news....

Well from my last blog I said I was expecting a community nurse to visit today.... Hmmmm no!!! But I did get a phone call from her saying she is coming tomorrow now!  Something I guess... Thinking I should be happy that someone is visiting!!  So I will keep you posted when I know more.

Some other news... Han went to pick up a TENS machine today to see if it will help with her back.  She has been wearing it today and says so far that yes it's good, but will 'put it through its paces' over the course of the 2 months she has it.  I hope it does help... We shall see!  And Han did mention that I should maybe request one to try for my knee.. So yes!! I will to the community nurse tomorrow.

Ok.. Onwards and upwards... 

On with the stitching...

Happy smiles to you all :) xx

Ooooh yes!!! Look what I found in my copy of Cross Stitch Crazy issue 200, March 2015 issue..... I subscribe so got it a little early.

It's Justine's blog... It's a feature!! Congratulations!!! :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Slowly does it...

HHello friends, you are all amazing and I thank you for your lovely comments.  I noticed one from Susan or should I say Kiwikid...(sorry I am useless on my iPad, I don't know how to tag) She very kindly recalled an article she read from Copenhagen University about drinking honey and cinnamon in hot water.  To be frank at this stage where nothing at all is helping I will try anything!  

So yes Han made it up for me, 1 tablespoon of honey and half a teaspoon of cinnamon.  Now I cannot say I liked it.. Nope!! I found it really really sweet.. Less honey I think!

See I did actually try it!! 

Another friend suggested things with ginger in.. So I had Han raking through the 'tea' cupboard reading all the packages to see what was actually in my herbal teas!! I do have a few with ginger so I will try those next.

I have been in terrible pain today... Must just be one of those days I guess?!  I am only cat napping as the pain is keeping me awake.  You will all be pleased to hear that jon actually spoke with the doctor today.  Apparently tomorrow morning my doctor and various services, social services, district nurses, physiotherapists, community support liaison people all attend this meeting and well I am to be discussed!! About time really, also a community nurse is apparently visiting me tomorrow to assess my needs!! Ha ha. Omg!!! Well um... I cannot do anything!! Lol  so it's a case of fingers crossed now to see what happens...I will keep you all posted.

I have on and off managed to stitch a few lines... It's helped to take my mind off things.  Been stitching more of my "Sampler Game Board" designed by The Drawn Thread.

Yes I put it into my little Q Snap frame, it's less daunting this way!!  You can see I have stitched the crown, the house above the crown and the little lamb.  Not bad.... Onwards!! Slowly does it...

I hope you are all well... Tomorrow is another day!

Smiles to you all

Xx :) xx

Monday, 19 January 2015

Busy stitching...

Best thing for me to do... Stitch that is.

Hello my friends :)

I hope you have been busy stitching and smiling?

I have been blog hopping and WOW!! some amazing things out there being stitched and made.

So now to show you all what I have been up to...

Not sure if you know or remember but last year I started the biggest project I had ever started... It's called "The Sampler Game Board" designed by The Drawn Thread.

I have been stitching today and stitched from W, X,Y, Z, tree, 1, 2,3,4 and the line and little house.

Few more photo's...

It seems I am loving returning to this... It's really easy to stitch too.... But so time consuming!  Little by little and before I know it, it will be filling up and finished.

Sorry I need to vent.... You can skip past this bit if you like!!

I am still out of action.. No change with my leg, still in a lot of pain..... One day at a time.  Jon called the doctor today to see if they can do anything.  The doctor said she would talk to her associated in the practice to see what they can do?? And get back to my husband later... Jon called around 10 am called back around 5pm to see if there was any news... Appears I am not an urgent case as the doctor never called back.  

I really an so frustrated, beyond belief... See I am housebound, cannot move out of the living room, stuck on my sofa.  My 'good' leg is now hurting from trying to use the crutches... Takes me over 15 minutes to hobble to the toilet... I mean seriously it's obvious that I need help.  Jon cannot help me, he has his own medical problems... Han is also restricted with her own medical problems.  I just hope the doctor calls tomorrow... Jon no doubt will be back on the phone tomorrow... It's just terrible.

For me it's awful sat and every movement I make pain hits me... I cannot straighten my leg or walk on it.. All I can do it sit and stitch!  Thank goodness for that!  Seriously it's my stitching keeping me sane and taking my mind off things.

I want to say a massive thank you to all of you that are sending good wishes and happy thoughts my way... I may not be religious but I appreciate it all :). Your all so very nice and kind.

Enough of my rant!!

I am trying to stay positive... So on with the stitching!! 

Smiles to you all :)

Sunday, 18 January 2015

I love to stitch....

I have been trying to take my mind off the pain....

So I have been really busy stitching.

I found an adorable design called "Spring Sampler Stitchery" designed by Stacey from whilst on my travels looking around people's blogs.... Thought it looked lovely and a challenge for me to stitch.  It's basically a little saying and you stitch it how you like with what ever stitch you like.

Here is my journey..

There it is!!! I actually love the freedom I had with it and well I basically made it up as I went along!  It was a lot of fun.

So tomorrow onto another little project.... 

Today Han was feeling up to going out so my parents took her shopping... To Lidl for some much needed supplies.. It's really frustrating when you cannot get out, well when your housebound and cannot go anywhere....when you know you have run out of things... It's just wonderful my parents are so close and in good health right now.

I was very pleased with han's shopping trip so thought I would show you the photo's she took to show me!!

Look she is so organized...even made a list!!!

All that on the conveyor belt was what Han bought!!

She really is a little angel and to be honest I have no clue what I would do without her right now...


I hope your all well and stitching!!

Smiles and happy thoughts mot you all... :)