Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday night with friends....


Hello awesome friends!! 
It's omg! The first Friday of the month....  A wonderful time where I can blog hop about and see what everyone else is up to!

For me.... What have I been up to??

The 6 th of July is my parents 48 th wedding anniversary... Although I stupidly thought it was their 47 th! Hmmm you will see in a moment with what I made why I say stupidly!!

It took me forever and ever to find the design I wanted to stitch... Ha ha then after all that searching it was in my stash! It's a lovely little Bent Creek design called 'I Do' and it's so cute.  I did adapt if for my parents... 

See what you think??
Incidentally it's the first time I have finished something like this before...

It's ok.... Not happy with little bits here and there, but I am pleased I did it as it's something different.  So do you see the 47 now?! Ha ha never mind!  I have something in mind for my parents 59 th wedding anniversary, let's just hope this one lasts till then!! 

What else have I been doing?

Well lots actually!! Ha ha but some of it I cannot show you all as its a surprise!  I can however share with you all a little stitch indie for Mouse... It's ok she has recieved it now!  I stitched it way back in January... But only got around to posting it to her very recently, this was due to all my in's and outs of hospital.  I am thrilled she now has it!! 

Here it what I sent her,..




I am so happy Mouse likes it, and it's hanging in her craft room :). I knew it would find a way to her home sooner or later!

I do have other gifts to post out, but it's when I can arrange post office visits... Please be patient, and watch for your mail man!!

And what else have I been up to??

I was in the moon to sew.... A bit of creative sewing... I picked up my needle and some thread and just stitched what I was feeling... This was the outcome, so far..

Then I thought it needed some wildlife...

Ha ha so added a tiny bee!
I have no idea where I am going with this, it's just appearing...

It's almost JULY 4 th.... Here in England we don't celebrate this, as you all know!  But as I am stitching the Joyful Jornal series of months from Heart in Hand I thought it apt to show you all the recent finish I did of JULY... and Happy 4th!!

I did think I had not taken photos of the stitching journey, but yipppeeee I did!!

I am finding this series a fun stitch to do and stitch up pretty quickly too.

One last thing to say, Thank You... Sue for helping celebrate my birthday into July!! I love sheep as a lot of you know, look at this amazing hanky... It's adorable :)

Thank you for thinking of me :) xx

Ok I am going now... To do some stitching and hopping! Ha ha 
Big smiles to you all :) 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July already???

Wow!! I made it!!
Hello wonderful friends..... It is 1st July!! I really cannot believe it.  I managed to stitch my Heart in Hand Joyful Journal JULY on 14 count beige Aida with DMC threads.... Just in time!! Ha ha 

Here is the stitching journey...

Ha ha once again I was that busy stitching I did not stop to take an up date photo! Ha ha   I am finding these little gems so much fun to stitch.

I don't know how I am going to finish each one yet?  At present they are just on pieces of Aida waiting for inspiration!!

Here in southern England, I live right on the coast.... And my!! It's HOT!! I managed to stand by the back door, but not for long as the heat was awful.  It's a good job I cannot go out as I found it quite hard to catch my breath stood at the door.  My lungs are still healing from the multiple blood clots and I don't think I should push myself.  So back to bed rest and lots of relaxation for me!! Ha ha 

Eating plenty of these!! Mmm

So what else have I been doing? Ha ha creating a lot of mess!! I managed to sit in the living room for a little while... Ha ha look at the mess I created!!

The arm of the sofa where I am sitting...

On the sofa to the left of me!... 
Yes all my things to hand..

Then me being me.... I wanted to find a cute design... In a magazine.  But could not decide which magazine.  So they all come out and I looked through them all!! Ha ha kept me quite for days!! I found what I was looking for!!

Ha ha yes that is my foot as I was sat on the sofa with my feet up when I took this photo! Lol

So sure I have been really busy!! Ha ha 

I did start another Blackbird design.... Yellow Submarine again on 36 count grey raw linen using the listed DMC threads.  
Jon said this looks like a telly tubby picture! Hmmmm

I will post more as I go... 

It's only Thursday... But looking ahead..... Friday is going to be fun as its stitching with friends again!! Oooh I love joining in as I get to hop about and look at what everyone is doing.

Big smiles to you all :)

Monday, 29 June 2015

Very happy....

Hello again lovely friends!!

I know, get me!! Another post!! Ha ha 

Thought I would make use of my JUNE stitched design seeing as its June!! I stitched this recently, it is a Heart in Hand design from the Joyful Journal series of months.

Bet your all wondering why I am so happy?! 

Because I have finished past itching Octopus's Garden!! I absolutely love how it turned out.  The colours are so so bright and it's lovely...yes I love it.

A quick reminder, I stitched this on grey 36 count raw linen and used the listed DMC threads.... Here is my journey...

I think the colour difference is quite visible... I think the chart cover must of been stitched with the Gentle Arts threads listed, I had the DMC threads listed and think they came out so much brighter.

Oooh what to stitch next?? Well it's almost July so I best get stitching with that if I am to have a header!! Ha ha 

Ooooh yes.... Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and concern over my health.  It's true I am rather fed up, but have decided to try not to let it get me down.  Please do not worry about me being bed bound again and getting more blood clots....see the last time I was in hospital they gave me the Fragmin anti clotting injections to take home.  So now I inject myself every evening, to stop clots forming.  I am so pleased about this as I was worried too!! 

Ok.... Going now, to do some more stitching!! Hope your all busy stitching!!

Big smiles to you all :)

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Hello.... Is it me your looking for?....

Ha ha sorry I have song lyrics stuck in my head!!

Is it me your looking for?!... Ha ha 
I believe it's from a song sung by Lionel Ritchie? 

Well hello!!! Nice to be here!! 
Sorry did you all think I had deserted you again?  Oh I am sorry :(

I have had the worst week far.... Well ok not including the week where I recently died!  But oh it's been an awful week.

I had to call the doctor out, I could not move and I was in some serious pain.  Shooting pains all up and down my left arm and leg, my left knee yes the injured one was almost making me scream with the pain too.  I could barely sit or stand, sleep!! Hmmm that was out of the question!  So this is why I called the doctor out...

I am FED UP seriously now of being ill, I just want my life back and to get on with not being ill!!

Ok, the doctor says I have an inflamed coccyx ... And a trapped nerve or two!  I have not injured myself in any way so I did wonder ?? The doctor says these things just happen sometimes!! The question I have....WHY ME!!! So since her visit I have been on bed rest!  No joke, I have tried so hard to get out of my bed, I mean come on I was bed bound for 4 months I don't want to go back there again.  So to be told I am on bed rest I almost lost the plot.  Yes it's true I became very depressed... I am not out of the woods yet, still lying here in my bed now... It's like I am taking one step forward and five back.   Seriously nothing else can happen to me??

I have been fighting feeling low, trying to keep myself busy... Yes stitching!  But only picked it up again after a few days of not wanting to do anything.  So only have a little update for you.

As you remember I was stitching Octopus's Garden designed by Blackbird designs.... Stitching it on 36 count grey raw linen using DMC threads.

Here is where I left off.. And where I am now...

It's coming along, and I did enjoy stitching today.  I don't actually have a lot to do on it now, so soon it will be finished :)

Something did make me smile....lots .... I recieved a card in the post, from the lovely kind Frances...thank you for cheering me up :)

How cool!!

Frances is so very sweet, she enclosed a cute little Prairie Schooler mini chart .... I love them, Thank You :) xx

Oh yes birthday card... My birthday was on 21 St June... 

Oooh goodness, for those who won my recent giveaway, I have not forgotten about no far from it.  Things are in place for them to be posted next week... Han will be off to the post office!!  

Right I am going now... I think I may do some blog hopping to cheer myself up :)

Smiles until I next pop in!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Enjoying stitching....

Hello again happy friends...

Thought I would share with you all my journey so far with my Blackbird design called The Octopus's Garden.  I am stitching is with DMC threads on grey 36 count raw linen, 2 over 2.

It's such a lovely design to stitch.... I love how it appears on my fabric....

I love how all the colours look.... I am thinking that the colours on the chart maybe the Gentle Art threads? I am stitching with all the listed DMC threads, just love the look of them.

This is where I am now... Was going to stitch more today but unfortunately today is not a good day... Feeling rather poorly today :(. I play it by ear on a daily basis... Maybe tomorrow will be a better day?

Happy smiles to you all, thank you so much for all your birthday wishes... My birthday was awesome.  And Oooh yes.... For those who won my giveaway, (congratulations) your goodies will be posted out very soon :). For those that entered and did not win this time, fingers crossed you win next time! 

Smiles :) xx