Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Hello, firstly where is this month going?  I really think that this year is passing much quicker than before... 

And... HELLO to my new followers :)  I am happy you have joined in on the merriment and feel free to leave a comment when you like :)

Monday I did not put a post up as I was feeling really really worn out.  I had an appointment with a neurologist and had to do some tests... visual tests and memory tests and well I think it was too much.  When I got home I just could not stay awake!  

I have to go back next Monday for more tests and then hopefully they may have a reason to what is going on with me?  I hope so... 

Tuesday I have been stitching all day... I cannot show you what as its a gift!  Oooh my and I just realized I forgot to take a photo!  Hmmm maybe when the person gets it they will post a photo?

Ooh yes but I do have something to show you all!!  I have been experimenting with dyeing again, as its so much fun!  I found an amazing herbal tea, I love to drink it.  I love the colour it turns the water in my cup so I thought OK try dying with it!

Ha ha so that is what I did! 

Yes Twinings Strawberry and Mango tea makes this wonderful colour!  I love it!  

Oh yes something arrived in the post too!  The packet from Shirley, my Round Robin partner :)  I could not wait to see what she stitched for me.


Its all so pretty, ...

Look!... sheep!!!

Close up...

And WOW!!
Look at this wonderful fabric... its sheep!!! 
I can hardly believe it, I love it!!
And silk threads, a new thing for me to try :)

Thank You, Thank You Shirley, I love it all!!! :)  Taking part in the Round Robin has been a lot of fun... only a few more people left, I will be sad when it ends.

I cannot really show you anything I am stitching or working on at the moment as they are gifts and must be kept secret until they have been received... you will see them soon :)

I hope your all ok and happy stitching and smiling?


Saturday, 25 October 2014

I am so very lucky....

To have such lovely blogging friends....

I want to say a HUGE Thank You to Jo from Serendipitous Stitching Blog

I cannot believe what you sent me... Thank You, really Thank You.  I love all the wonderful colours of aida you sent me.... I cannot wait to experiment.  The aida banding is brilliant too, I think that is great to make my own style of decorated ribbon to go around presents.. and the Christmas cake!  Although I dont actually like Christmas cake... that is fine I can just look at my lovely stitching around it! ha ha   The card you wrote the note in too Jo is wonderful, very pretty. 

I am thrilled with what came today, actually made my day so Thank You again Jo :) xx

Guess you all want to know what I have been up to then?  I have been stitching away on a wonderful chart that was designed for me!  Yes me!! And its named after me too!! Eeeekkk!!! How wonderful is that!! And... yes there is more!!! I was asked to be the first to stitch it!! Eeeek!!!

Ok... I should explain a little.. my nick name is Dora, not sure some of you know?  Others will from Facebook as I am known as Dora on there!  Well The Lovely Gale from Stitchers Anon Blog did the most wonder-fullest thing.... she made a chart, a Christmas cute one with a lovely saying and is available as a freebie stitch available on Stitchers Anon Facebook page. Oooh yes and the chart (freebie) is also available on Stitchers Anon Blog too :)

When Gale said she was thinking about things and designed this fun chart with me in mind I was blown away!  And then the icing on the cake was me to stitch it and it to be known as Dora's Elf.... well!! Oh my!! I feel happy and stitching it gave me a lot of pleasure :)

So do you want to see it??

Dora's Elf... Designed by Gale at Stitchers Anon.

I dont usually show the back of my work but thought I would as I am quite proud I kept it neat and tidy :)

When Gale approached me she very kindly offered to get me the threads I did not have to do this design.. so Thank You very much for your wonderful generosity and kindness you 100% made me smile :) x

Would you all like to know how I got on at the college?

OH!! MY!!

I love it!! I want to go!!

I spoke with the course tutor and she is really nice.  They only have small classes of 15 so I am thrilled at that, but do on occasion mix with the other groups doing fashion and media.  Sorry no photo's as I was too busy looking about! ha aha 
As a (more) mature student the rules are slightly different and I do not have to follow the qualification required to apply for the course.  But saying that the tutor seemed impressed that I had been studying myself, you know with the Open University.  This she said proves I am academically capable as with the OU I wrote 4000 - 6000 word essays!  

I explained I was worried about what to show them at the interview if I got one as I am not from a course and have no port folio.  So I told her that I was putting my own port folio together and it would show what I have taught myself, ie, new skills I have learnt and showing things I have made too.  She thought this a wonderful idea and a really clever one too!  I asked if she could give me any tips what to put inside it... she said some drawings so they could see my style and what I like to draw.  And some collages.. experimenting with fabrics and to take an object and see how far I can develop it into something... interesting right?!  

So yes my brain since going to the open day has been in over drive!  I am so excited I just cannot really express it in words.  So now my priority is before Christmas to get my application into UCAS for the course and then hopefully start of next year wait for an interview... eeek!  And naturally keep filling my port folio too.

So many wonderful things floating around my head! :)

Being Saturday evening now... what shall I do? hmmm start a wonderful new project...YES! ha ha  I just literally thought of something I MUST do!  Get back to you soon about it! heee hee

Hope your all well and enjoying the weekend and stitching or creating?  

Smiles, Happy smiles to you ALL :)


Thursday, 23 October 2014


I am sorry I have not been around for the past few days but I have been taking it easy..

I have a few things to share with you all, one really exciting thing!!

OK... well like I say I am sorry for not being around but I have been trying to relax, not actually doing a very good job at it as I have still been needed to do and go places.

Han is still off college, its been over a week now due to the pain in her back.  On a more positive note for Han, today I took her to the physiotherapist and has some gentle exercises to do.  I hope they help her in the long run... she is to go back in 2 weeks.  Next week is half term and Han's tutor has emailed her some work to do at home, Han is thrilled!! 

So that is Han!  You will all be pleased to know that my dad is doing fine, after his re-admission to the cardiac ward and a re-jiggle with his medication he is on the mend now :)  And yes at home again...fingers crossed he gets stronger every day.  My mum is fine too, she has a little stiffness in her neck but other than that is ok too :)

Me... well yes my anemia is really bad right now and I am trying to help myself by taking my Spatone Apple iron supplements but they only do so much.  I have had more blood tests at the doctors, and yes they are monitoring me.. my last blood result was 4.. the doctor says that between 11 and 12 would be good but ideally would like to see around 20!  And I have a count of 4!! Eeeek!!

I have been trying to stitch.. yes I have done some!  In between hospital and A&E visits!  Hopefull a lot more stitching will be done now as everyone is on the mend!  

I know my round robin stitch has now been received so I can now show you it ...  

Its a design called "The Earth Laughs in Flowers" a Heartstring Samplery design by Beth Twist.

I stitched it on 25 count Lugano white evenweave... and yes it took me ages!  Saying that though I really enjoyed it.  And I am pleased to say my Round Robin partner loved it too :)  Naturally I sent some 'happy' bits too inside the package with this stitch.

Oooh yes something else to tell you all about... I am REALLY excited about...

Tomorrow is open day at the college for the B A (Hons) Textile course I want to start next September.  I am going to have a look around and see what I need to show them and what to expect at the interview if I get one!  Funnily enough one of the degree tutors is Han's tutor!  Yes I have already met her and she knows me! ha ah ha On Wednesday when its Han's day off she teaches on the degree course!   I will take some photo's and share with you my visit :)

OK.. back to the stitching!!

Smiles to you all .... and Thank You all so much for your thoughts and support :)


Monday, 20 October 2014

Oooh I love stitching....

Hello lovely friends...

Thank you for all your kindness you have shown with all your well wishes for my family. 

Its 2.15 am here! ha I know bad right!?  Well I was popping around some blogs and came across a lovely design I just HAD to stitch!!  Oooh yes.... I appologise now for not popping in on everyone, I will get around to you all soon I hope :)

Oooh yes this design...

Its called "Just A Little Autumn" designed by Sandra Dering from San-Man Originals.

I saw it on Mii's blog, a lovely Autumn design, Thank You for posting the link to it :)

I started it yesterday evening and I am happy to say its finished!  I had to change some of the colours as I did not have them.. I think it looks ok.  I stitched it on 14 count aida, cream I think...well its not white!

Here it is...

Not sure how I am going to finish it yet..

Talking of finishing, I have a little box with completed stitched designs I have done.. will post them all tomorrow.  I guess I should do something with them!?  You are all so very talented out there so no doubt you will have some amazing suggestions for me?!  Oooh yes and Frances I will probably make some into ornaments for my little tree I plan to start soon :) 

Ok so its almost 2.30 am and I am thinking I should really go to bed..

Smiles and happy stitching to you all :)


Saturday, 18 October 2014

Relax... I dont think that is a word I know?!

Well what a few days I have had!

First of all I would just like to say Thank You ever so much for your kind wishes and support during this rather tough time I am having right now.

I really cannot believe what has been happening lately with my family...

A little up date...

Dad.... well he is now back on the cardiac care unit and they have said basically the stent they put in recently to clear the blockage has not worked and his condition is back to where he was when he was admitted over a week ago now.  Again we will not find out what they intend on doing with him until Monday... unfortunately weekends in our local hospital is very slow and nothing gets done!  But he is in the best place and although he does not want to be there he understands he has to stay there!

Mum.... She has now recovered from her cold symptoms and now I have to keep an eye on her as she has a heart condition too and stress is really not good for her.  So I am worried about her, especially if dad has to have some surgery as I know she will worry.  Her back is bearable at the moment, but she does have a wheelchair to use if it gets worse.  My mum is very independent and keeps telling me I dont have to run her about... erm!! What!! Of course I am going to run her about... to take some stress off her!  Its no bother to me to take her to the shops and hospital... I told her I am going anyway and invited her!  That did the trick!

Han... OMG!! What can I say... Han is having a real tough time right now.  She was taking pain medication, an increased dose.  She stopped taking them all Thursday evening as they seemed to make her physically sick.  So now she is on no pain relief ... only using a hot water bottle.  Han's back is still causing her a lot of pain and she is really not coping very well at all with it.  Today I told her to stay in bed.  Yes after we got back at 5 am this morning form A&E!  We called the 111 health concern line for advice and their ambulance technician told us to go to A&E.  However the doctor there really was not concerned at all... Han literally was white as a ghost, with still feeling sick and she said her arms were feeling heavy and as if they were not hers.. her grip  and function was not working properly either.  The doctor excluded the 'major' things and basically said not to worry and go home and try to relax and heal.  So that is what we did... I think with all the stress and pain Han is under her dyspraxia condition may be presenting itself more?  Its the only thing I can think of.  Monday I am contacting her doctor and insisting on an appointment so that they can asses her and try to get her pain under control.  I dont like to see Han in pain, its tough to see and I just feel so helpless.. wish I could take the pain away.

Jon... Actually Jon is just the same!  He is being a darling honestly, with all I am going through he has never once complained or said he has wanted something. With the daily pain Jon is in and the difficulties he faces I think I am so lucky to have a husband like him.

Me... Well where do I start?  I am worn out and seriously need some energy and hours in the day from somewhere.  I spent all day Friday in the hospital with my dad, home at 11 pm and back to the hospital with Han at 1 am ... back home  at 5 am and to bed.. back up today (saturday) and collected my mum to go visit my dad in hospital.  When coming our of the hospital today I had a wave of sickness come over me and was erm... sick everywhere :(  No idea what caused it?  Back and now trying to 'chill' at home, still feeling rather sick... not sure what is causing it but I will mention it to the doctor.  Han is trying to take it easy in bed and J0n is taking it easy too.  I am gong to try to get an appointment at my doctors tomorrow to see about those iron injections, I can but ask!  I know I have to look after myself but its hard when there is just me to do all the running about...

So that is the up date!

As far as stitching goes, hopefully the next post I do will have some photo's of a new project I am doing!?  Lol if nothing else happens! 

OK hope your all OK and happily stitching away?  

Goodness yes...

Congratulations to Kim form Wisdom with Needle and Thread...

Just like to welcome baby Ronin into the world :)

Wonderful news!

Smiles :)