Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hottest day of the year!

Hey all!

It's still Hannah :)

I just wanted to share some of the photos I took today while I was out in Brighton with the Shine group, which is for young carers in the area I live in.

We went to this lovely little vegan cafe which I probably would never have looked twice at, but the whole place was really nice! I had an iced caramel latte, oh my, probably the best one I've ever had.

We then wandered down to the beach where a man was making massive bubbles, although this photo came out blurry I still really like it! 

I thought this was interesting too. There was a film crew down on the beach with police actors and a detective, no idea what they were filming for but it looked cool!

On to mum, she is still on the cardiac ward but doing really well, she send me some texts to put up because she wanted to say something haha.

So that's all for now!
No doubt be back later in the week.

Thanks again for all your comments :)

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Han here!

Hey all!

Have you missed me updating the blog, but by me being back it can only mean that mum has gone back into hospital, oh dear.

Thursday evening she was complaining of having chest pains, dizziness and shortness of breath so we called 111 and they sent some paramedics out to see her.
They were a bit reluctant to take her to A&E straight away but the out of hours doctor called and recommended her to go down straight away.

Being in over night she was moved to the emergency ward where they did tests and gave her some medication, the doctors did a scan on her, mri, ct,?? she said but I don't remember! and they discovered that she has between 4-8 blood clots in her lung/s, so not very good at all, although what is annoying is this would have never have happened if the doctor had done something about her knee before as the clots occur when you have been sitting for extended periods of time!

So that is what is going on here, she wanted me to post an update as she can't have the internet in the hospital due to all of the heart monitors she is hooked up to haha

Thanks in advance for the well wishes and she will be reading them in hospital, I think she has 3G on her phone :)

So that's all from me, I will write more when I know what is going on :)

Han :) x

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I am just so darn busy!

Hello wonderful friends, I notice I have a few more love,y happy people have joined our merry band!  Feel free to comment as and when you like...oh I love to read comments....

Easter is over....was it good for you?  Did you manage some stitching or were you too busy eating chocolate eggs?! Ha ha 

Oooh I think this year is passing by so quickly....do you think?? It will soon be Halloween!! Ha ha

So yes been stitching...something that has been in my stash since last year, jon secretly bought the set of three of the series.  They are designed by Little House Needleworks.....So I started the "Over the Moon"... First one in the set....oh it stitched up pretty quickly really... I did a bit here and a bit there... Before I knew it, it was finished!!

Here is my journey....

I think I stitched this on the recommended 30 count linen as it come all in ...used the Classic Colorworks threads. Omg I just love the names they call their threads... Pea Pod!! Cherry Cobbler!! Hazelnut!! Cocoa Bean!! Eggshell!! But stitched really lovely too!! Fantastic!!!

Such a happy design to stitch.....not sure when I am going to stitch the next two....my mind is kind of wandering, I feel the need to stitch pumpkins! No idea why, just do!!

Ooooh wanted to show you something, a little gem I found! Whilst standing yesterday and hopping to my commode I thought I would look out the window.  Well it's right by me, but I have nets up so don't really look out...

I looked out onto the ground and found some pretty flowers growing, daffodils and bluebells I think?  But oh for me such a treat being stuck in bed I don't see anything like that!! So naturally I took a few photos!!

What I saw....

Oh my photos are really naff!! A lot of the outside window sill..... But hey!! You can see the little flowers...ha ha and the odd reflection!  Pretty though and a treat for me!

Oh I have to show you all something rather silly.... I poked my finger with the needle and yes it bled a little so Han wanted to put one of her plasters on....hmmmmm well I just could not have one could I!!


Yes they are "Hello Kitty" ones!! Han is obsessed with the darn cat!! She has lots of things all around her bedroom... 

Something amazing now to show you all..... Han bought me a lovely balloon for Mother's Day here....well she bought it the week before!! We are all amazed that it's still up!!  Mothering Sunday was 15 th March...she must of bought it around 7 th or 8 th March....incredible that it's still up!! I love it!!

Pretty ingenious really why she bought it....it was because previous years she bought plants or flowers they would die..ha ha she said I killed them!! Ha ha so she saw this...can you all see its flowers in a pot!! And we are amazed like I say that it's still up...ha ha and that I have not killed it yet!! Ha ha

So I think I may of bored you all enough?? Yes maybe!!
Hope your all well, making, stitching and creating?
Feel free to leave a comment, I would love to hear from you :)

Oh remember to smile, it's good to........ Go,on!! 


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

AWOL, me???..............

Oh I am so so sorry for not posting an up date since Saturday :(

To be totally honest with you all the days after Saturday have been a total blur!  Today I woke and felt ok, not back to being totally ok but ok! Ha ha hope that makes some sense??

Being the Easter weekend, Thursday we relied on the pharmacy delivering my gabapentin pain medication.  Unfortunately they did not deliver it and the whole weekend for me was torture.  My own supply of gabapentin run out Friday so I knew I was in for a rough ride. I managed to get through Saturday, ......... Sunday and Monday are a blur.

Apparently I was drifting in and out of sleep.  Jon had managed to get hold of an emergency doctor, he prescribed some gabapentin and thankfully han's friend shiv...she drives.  So Han and shiv went to collect the meds and since then I have been slowly increasing my dosage.  

Oh it's terrible, I must of been in a state of withdrawal and then getting the meds a flood of intake!  Oh my I never ever want to go through that again.  

Today jon called the pharmacy and I am disgusted with what he found out,.... The delivery driver did not deliver it on Thursday due to him wanting to finish early to go away for the bank holiday!  OMG!! Do these people not understand they are relied on??? That they are needed?? 

Lesson learned here..... Although my medications are on automatic delivery, I think I will get jon to chase up my meds for the next bank holiday!  I cannot go through that again.

Sorry there is no stitching.... Ha ha I have been asleep!! 

Just wanted you all to know that I am still here and not gone AWOL!! 

So now I am back.... I hope you all had a lovely happy Easter?  And ate lots of chocolate eggs?  I did not have any chocolate!  Wished for some though!!! There is always next year!

Smiles you you all.....and I will either do an update on some stitching later or tomorrow....take care xx

Smiles :)


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Is it now working????......

Oh my goodness after the dreadful post I last did, I am surprised to see you all here again.  I had so much colour and lots of Easter bunnies planned...darn blogger played up and I could not do anything on my iPad then :(. It stopped my from publishing my post with pictures or photos...and as its the most basic form of upload I cannot change font or colours either!  So it's only natural I feel sad about the content I could of had...

By all accounts a lot of you liked what I had done.... I am pleased you all saw the funny side!!  

I hope blogger is finished having a major hiccup as I would like to put my photos in!! Ha ha 

Ok....so what have I been doing...

I would like to firstly show you the stitch I had done that a lot of you thought was an Easter egg or an igloo! Ha ha 

This is what it was.... What you remember...

And this is what it turned into...

Then I stitched this.....

And you guessed it...I joined them together,,.....see for the Halloween ornie blog (organized by Jo) March was owl, and April is tombstone.  So I thought I would kill the bird with the same stone....I think that is the saying?? Ha ha

Yes this....

I think it cute.....the place I found it from hmmm what seems a while ago now, is no longer running.  I checked the links and none work, so sorry :(. It did not take me long to stitch... 

Ooooooh must share an Easter treat my parents got me.....I must explain first.  Well I don't like dried fruit, none of it....sultana, currents, mixed peel....EWE!!! Yuck!!  And every year I miss out on the hot cross buns... I love the smell but don't like them due to the fruit.  This year my parents found something TOTALLY amazing....and I mean AMAZING!! 

Chocolate hot cross buns....

Look!! So exciting....

Not a piece of dried fruit in sight!! Ha ha 

I tasted them.....hmmmmm Han tasted them...ha ha she did not like them!  I tried them and it felt like something was missing.... Just not right....

Then I had a thought.....

Your right....I put cheese on each half and mmmmmm so so so yummy!!! Ha ah a

Whilst we are talking about Easter....this is what my parents brought Han....

That is it for about Easter! Ha ha 

Oh yes.... I wanted to share something else rather awesome with you all.... Ha ha I think this is brilliant!! Well even though I am just laying in my bed my darn sewing scissors keep going missing.... So I came up ith this....

That's right....a scissor holder! Ha ha I know my bionic leg and it's harness seems a little excessive.....oh but totally viable!

I belong to The Random Acts of Kindness blog and group..... A wonderful group of people.  A shot while ago I popped in there and the love,y ingrid...Mii was holding a giveaway.  It was for something that she bought, new, still in package..... And as she was already stitching on black fabric already could not bring herself to stitch the design she was giving away.  I did offer if I won to stitch it and send it her back as its part of a set, but the love,y Mii could not dream of it.  So I added my name to the list, hoping to stitch the stunning design.  And as she explained it cost over £40 when she bought it.....a design way out of my price bracket!! So it would be a real treat ....

Guess what.......I WAS CHOSEN!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Thank you so so much ingrid, Mii :)

Here is the package that arrived today...

A special treat.... A wonderful stitched pillow, adorable.

Back... So pretty....

And inside the large tissue...... The design....

All the colours come pre-sorted.....but I have to do it my way!! Ha ha

Then I started to stitch...... Well I could not wait to start....

Not that you can see it, but it is black fabric....

Here is where I finished this evening.... I think if you look closer, or with a squint eye it looks like a bunny..... Smile, nose, eye....and ears... Even a tail! Ha ha  I know I am crazy right!!??

Oh yes..... I think Han got these when she went out with the Red Cross Lady.... How adorable are they?! Super cute!!

It's a big carrot..

With tiny tiny carrots inside!! Adorable.... The only thing, they tasted like orange!! Yuck! Yes that's right I dislike orates too! Ha ha 

Posted them as they are so adorable, even if I don't like them!! Jon ate them!! 

Well that about wraps things up for now....I am going to try and publish this post now....

If you get this post and it has no photos then OMG!! Not sure what I am going to do.

Hope you all enjoyed the Easter blog hop.... I like hop hop hopping about .... It's fun!

Happy stitching or creating to you all....

Smiles for your day...